Israel Is Getting Hotter

21 November, 2023   |   3 weeks ago

Jerusalem, 21 November, 2023 (TPS) -- The OECD’s Climate Action Monitor report was published. The report shows how much Israel is at increased risk of the consequences of climate change and is getting much hotter.

The report analyzes and compares actions, needs and forecasts to prepare for the climate crisis (adaptation) and required reductions (mitigation, mitigation) of the OECD member countries and other partner countries in the context of climate change.

According to the report, even in the mild scenario chosen, in the years 2080-2099, a person in Israel is expected to be exposed to about 80 days a year when the maximum temperature will exceed 35 degrees Celsius (104 F). This figure is the third highest in all the countries examined, and it is due to the fact that Israel will have about 45 more such days per person on average compared to 1995-2014, this increase is the highest in all the OECD countries and the partner countries examined.

This result will be even more severe when considering the results regarding warm nights, when the temperature will not drop below 20 degrees Celsius. In the years 2080-2099, Israelis will be exposed to about 145 such nights, a number that is an increase of about 48 nights per year per person on average compared to the average value in 1995-2014.

This increase is the second highest in relation to the countries examined. Hot nights, and especially a long duration of hot nights, contribute equally and even more in some cases to heat stroke, to the development of urban heat islands and to an increase in mortality. Hence there is an urgent need to prepare for widespread exposure of the population to high temperatures for a long time.