About Us

Tazpit Press Service (TPS) is an international Israeli news agency (NGO) that provides in real time, accurate and reliable news information for international media outlets seeking news coverage on Israel and the Middle East. The agency reports on a wide range of topics: economics, security, politics, technology, scientific developments, agriculture, human stories and more.

TPS provides in real time, breaking news, news flashes, articles, interviews, photographs, video and audio recordings. The media material is distributed to more than 180 leading media outlets around the world including: the United Kingdom Spain, France, Germany, Finland, Australia, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Pakistan.

TPS is a news agency actively advancing journalistic professionalism, ethics, reliability and transparency.

TPS is the first and only news agency in the world whose professional staff is made up of journalists, photographers, and editors that rely on a vast network of volunteers who work to present the broader Israeli picture. Our staff and volunteers work to ensure that the many perspectives and complexities of Israel are accurately and professionally portrayed to world media.