Q: What is TPS?

A: TPS is Israel’s only news and information agency. TPS is an independent not-for-profit news agency, that is solely focused on documenting, reporting and distributing news from Israel. TPS is independent and objective and has a deep and active commitment to freedom of the press, unbiased reporting and journalistic integrity. Headquartered in Jerusalem, TPS provides articles, photos and information to over 180 leading media outlets around the world, whose numbers are continually growing.

Q: What does TPS stand for?

A: TPS is an acronym for Tazpit Press Service; in Hebrew Tazpit means ‘observation point’.

Q: Who is behind TPS?

A: Tazpit Press Service is an NGO, as such there is no one person or organization which owns TPS.

Q: What are the values and principles of TPS?

A: TPS  stands for and is actively advancing the values of journalistic professionalism, ethics, reliability, integrity and transparency.

Q: Who hears or reads news from TPS?

A: News and materials from TPS are available to all through the hundreds of media outlets, news sites,  news companies and so on which publish our work in a variety of languages all over the world.

Q: Who are TPS‘s subscribers?

A: News and materials from TPS are available to the public through the hundreds of media outlets, news sites,  news companies, etc., which publish our work in many languages all over the world.

Q: Is TPS content available to companies other than news organisations?

A: TPS materials such as text, photo, audio and video reports are generally available for subscribed news outlets. Case-by-case exceptions can be made for various other organizations. For more information please contact:  [email protected].

Q: How can I send TPS a press release?

A: You can send press releases, publicity materials and invitations to cover events to: [email protected].

Q: How can I subscribe to TPS and receive your services or get permission to reprint a TPS story or photo?

A: Our services are not available to private individuals. In order to receive TPS services which includes reprinting TPS materials, you must become a subscriber by contacting: [email protected].

Q: What are the subscriptions fees?

A: Subscription fees are determined by the type of media source, number of subscribers of the media source, and frequency of use. For more information, please contact [email protected].