Photo by Majdi Fathi/TPS on 20 May, 2021

4,360 Rocket Attacks; 25 Senior Terrorists Killed – Operation Guardian of the Walls by the Numbers   

Public By TPS • 23 May, 2021

Jerusalem, 23 May, 2021 (TPS) -- During the 11 days of the IDF’s counterterrorism Operation Guardian of the Walls, Gaza-based launched some 4,360 rockets toward the State of Israel, of which about 3,400 crossed into Israel, about 680 fell in the Gaza Strip, and about 280 fell into the sea.

About 90% of the rockets fired into Israel were intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system. 12 Israelis were killed by the attacks or while running for shelter.

The IDF attacked some 1,500 Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror targets in the Gaza Strip.

These targets included Hamas’ Metro underground city strategic project. About 100 km of tunnels were destroyed.

25 senior Hamas and Islamic Jihad senior commanders were killed, as well as over 200 additional terrorists.

About 340 launch pits were bombed, as well as 70 multi-barreled launchers and 35 mortar launchers.

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) also hit five banks dealing in terrorist funds, and nine high-rise buildings used as a terrorist infrastructure.

The IDF thwarted Hamas’ attempts to launch cross-border raids, hit dozens of anti-tank squads, and prevented a paragliders attack.

The IDF crowned its achievements as “significant,” and “some of which are unprecedented.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated Friday after the ceasefire came into effect that “Israel didn’t initiate this conflict. We were attacked in an unprovoked manner by the Hamas terrorist organization that fired four thousand rockets into our capital and into our cities. No country will sit aside when it’s attacked in such a criminal fashion. Israel is no different.”