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Abu Dhabi: Police Confirms Explosion of 3 Tankers, Fire at Airport

World News Agencies By WAM • 17 January, 2022

Jerusalem, 17 January, 2022 (TPS) -- By: WAM and TPS

Abu Dhabi Police confirmed that a fire broke out Monday morning, which led to the explosion of three petroleum tankers in ICAD 3, Mussafah, near Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s (ADNOC) storage tanks.

“A minor fire” also broke out in the new construction area of Abu Dhabi International Airport, the police said.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the cause of the fires are “small flying objects, possibly belonging to drones, that fell in the two areas.”

Teams from the relevant authorities have been dispatched and the fire is currently being put out.

The authorities have launched an extensive investigation into the cause of the fire and the circumstances surrounding it.

However, there are no significant damages resulting from “the two accidents,” the Abu Dhabi police said.

Yemen’s Houthi rebels, backed by Iran, claimed they launched an attack at the United Arab Emirates (UAE).