Photo by BTA on 2 July, 2024

Bulgarian Essential Oils, Cosmetic Inputs Lauded at World Perfumery Congress

World News Agencies By BTA - Bulgarian News Agency • 2 July, 2024

Jerusalem, 2 July, 2024 (TPS) -- SOFIA (BTA)
Bulgarian essential oils and cosmetic raw materials were highly praised at World Perfumery Congress (WPC 2024), which took place in Geneva from June 24 to 27, the Bulgarian National Association of Essential Oils, Perfumery and Cosmetics (BNAEOPC) said on Tuesday.

The Bulgarian participation was organized by BNAEOPC with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and State Fund Agriculture.

BNAEOPC’s stand, designed with the theme “Fragrances from Bulgaria”, became a popular destination for attendees, offering a combination of relaxation through fragrances and industry insights, the Association said. Visitors highly appreciated the Bulgarian samples of essential oils, extracts, absolutes, rose water, pine water and other floral waters, aromatherapy, concretes, tinctures and other derivatives.

“WPC 2024 provided an incredible opportunity to connect our members with perfumers, fragrance designers, manufacturers and retailers from around the world, making it an invaluable event for the exchange of ideas and industry advocacy,” said BNAEOPC Executive Director Gergana Andreeva.