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EU Programs Worth over BGN 735M to Be Available to Business by Year’s End

World News Agencies By BTA - Bulgarian News Agency • 5 August, 2022

Jerusalem, 5 August, 2022 (TPS) -- SOFIA, 04.08.2022 (BTA)
Micro, small, and medium enterprises in Bulgaria will be able to apply for more than BGN 735 million ($389 million) by the end of the year, to be used only for new machinery and software, building renewable energy and energy storage facilities of up to 1 MWh, improving information and cyber security, etc.

The funds are provided under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and the Operational Program “Innovations and Competitiveness in Enterprises” (OPIC 2021-2027) of the Ministry of Innovation and Growth.

Companies can now submit their projects in the first procedure under Bulgaria’s Plan – “Technological modernization”. It has a total budget of BGN 260 million and is aimed mainly at manufacturing companies – for medicines, computers or optical materials, food, beverages, clothing, etc. Eligible are also companies engaged in waste collection and disposal or recycling of materials, film and television studios, radio, television, and news agencies, as well as companies with architectural, engineering or research and development activities are also eligible for funding.

Depending on their size and needs, companies can receive from BGN 35,000 to BGN 700,000 for the purchase of equipment to create new production lines and products. The support is expected to reach between 700 and 1,000 companies.

Another 3,000 firms will be assisted with the next four Recovery and Resilience Plan and OPIC procedures. By the end of the summer a grant scheme for BGN 30.6 million for ICT solutions will be launched. In the last quarter of the year, a measure for BGN 200 million will be opened for the construction of RES for own energy production. It is expected to achieve greater energy self-sufficiency of enterprises. A further BGN 118 million will be invested in SMEs that have been awarded the Seal of Excellence in the European Innovation Council competitions. They will be able to develop innovation activities such as prototyping and technology demonstrations.

More in-house research and innovation will be funded through a pilot procedure under the OPIC. It will have a budget of BGN 127 million and is expected to start at the end of this year. It will be open to companies in the Manufacturing sector.