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Export up 44.3 pct in January-May 2021: Statistics

World News Agencies By MIA • 7 July, 2021

Jerusalem, 7 July, 2021 (TPS) -- Skopje, 7 July 2021 (MIA)/TPS – The total value of exported goods from North Macedonia in January-May 2021 amounted to EUR 2,825,215,000, a 44.3% increase compared to the same period last year. The total value of imported goods in January-May 2021 stood at EUR 3,834,407,000, 39.5% more than in 2020, State Statistical Office data shows.

The trade deficit in the period January-May 2021 was EUR 1,009,192,000, while import coverage by export was 73.7%.

External trade by products shows that in the exports the most significant products are supported catalysts with precious metal or precious metal compounds as the active substance, ignition wiring sets and other wiring sets of a kind used in vehicles, aircraft or ships, parts of the seats of subgroup 821.1 and ferronickel. In the imports, the most significant products are other metals of the platinum group and alloys thereof, unwrought or in powder form, ceramic wares for laboratory, chemical or other technical uses, platinum and platinum alloys, unwrought or in powder form and petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals (other than crude).

In the period January-May 2021, according to the total external trade volume, the most important trade partners of the Republic of North Macedonia were Germany, Great Britain, Serbia, Greece and China.