Photo by AZERTAC on 19 October, 2020

Investigation Reveals Information on Debris of Iskander Missiles Used Against Azerbaijan

Public By TPS • 6 April, 2021

Jerusalem, 6 April, 2021 (TPS) -- Remains of a Russian-made Iskander missile complex were found in the liberated city of Shusha and its environs on March 15. The investigation revealed that these were the remains of the Iskander-M missile fired from the Operational-Tactical Missile Complex. Idris Ismayilov, chief of the Mine Action Agency’s operational headquarters, told the media that the 9M723 index code on the missile was checked during the investigation. It turned out that these are the remains of a missile of the “Alexander” missile complex. At the same time, the latest investigation has concluded that the missile fired is a missile of the Iskander-M missile complex. The rocket is 7 meters 23 centimeters long and 920 millimeters in diameter.

The remains of the rocket were shown to the media in Baku on April 2. The rocket did not explode completely, some parts of it were scattered over a large area. Employees of the Mine Action Agency identified four areas where the remains of the missile were found at a considerable distance from each other.

It should be noted that according to open sources, Russia has provided Armenia with a simplified version of the Iskander-M missile, the Iskander-E missile complex, which has a range of 280 kilometers. In comparison, the Iskander-M missile has more destructive power and can cover a distance of up to 500 kilometers. Against the background of all this, an interesting question arises: if Russia did not give Armenia the “Iskander-M” missile system, how can it be explained that the remains of that missile were found in Shusha?

The Russian Presidential Administration has commented on the issue. A statement issued by the country’s administration said that Iskander missiles were not used during the conflict in Karabakh. However, the question of the discovery of the remains of this missile on March 15 in Shusha remains open.