Israeli Interior Minister Pays Tribute to Indian National Killed in Hezbollah Attack

World News Agencies By ANI Wire Service • 8 March, 2024

Jerusalem, 8 March, 2024 (TPS) -- New Delhi, March 7 (ANI):
Israeli Interior Minister Moshe Arbel visited India to pay tribute to Patnibin Maxwell, an Indian agricultural worker killed by a Hezbollah rocket while working on a farm.

Ambassador of Israel to India, Sri Lanka and Bhutan, Naor Gilon, took to X, formerly called Twitter to announce the Israeli interior minister’s visit and express condolences to the Maxwell family and the Indian nation.

In an official tweet on X, Naor Gilon tweeted, “A high-level delegation from @IsraelMFA Ministry of Agriculture, led by Minister of Interior, Moshe Arbel, and his senior team, went to pay respects to Patnibin Maxwell, the Indian national who was killed by Hezbollah rocket while working in a farm. Om Shanti”

The visit underscores the deep ties between Israel and India, as well as the shared commitment to honouring the memory of those affected by acts of violence and terrorism.

The Israeli embassy confirmed on March 5 that the deceased has been identified as 31-year-old Pat Nibin Maxwell from Kollam district in Kerala.

Maxwell had arrived in Israel two months ago and was working on a farm there. He was killed when Hezbollah terrorists fired an anti-tank missile at an orchard of Moshav Margaliot. Seven other foreign workers were injured.

In its statement, the Israeli embassy said, “We are deeply shocked and saddened by the death of one Indian national and the injury of two others due to a cowardly terror attack launched by Shia terror organization Hezbollah, on peaceful agriculture workers who were cultivating an orchard at the northern village of Margaliot yesterday early afternoon. Our prayers and thoughts naturally go to the families of the bereaved and those of the injured.”

“Israeli medical institutions are completely at the service of the injured, who are being treated by our very best medical staff. Israel regards equally all nationals, Israeli or foreign, who are injured or killed due to terrorism. We will be there to support the families and assist them. Our countries, who are sadly well versed in civilian loss, stand united in hopes of a speedy recovery for the injured and solace for the families of the bereaved,” the Israeli embassy in India said.