“Makkanabis” urges MPs not to put brakes on law on drugs

World News Agencies By Yael • 13 January, 2020

It’s baffling how VMRO-DPMNE MPs can’t see the benefits of an industry that is swelling by the day worldwide and its great potential is ever increasing for the treatment of hard-to-cure diseases where conventional medicine doesn’t seem to be very effective, Jane Sevdinski, member of the “Makkanabis” association of medical cannabis growers, told reporters on Monday regarding the draft-law on control of drugs and psychotropic substances.

Sevdinski pointed out “Makkanabis” rejected claims made by VMRO-DPMNE MPs that the law was harmful to the public’s health and it paved the path for manipulating the institutions of the system, all in the interest of a few companies producing medical cannabis.

“Contrary to VMRO-DPMNE’s view, the law would establish full control over the production, misuse and medical use of drugs and psychotropic substances, thus also protect the public’s life and health. In addition, this would enable domestic producers of medical cannabis to export their product on the world market,” Sevdinski said.

He noted that medical cannabis producers sustained losses over EUR 50 million due to the export ban.

“Unless amendments are passed, over 740 people employed in this industry would lose their jobs, while the country would also miss the opportunity for substantial foreign exchange inflow that would secure the export of cannabis flower for the production of medical oil,” Sevdinski said.