Numbers show 2019 is year of economy: FinMin

World News Agencies By Yael • 3 December, 2019


Numbers and results show 2019 is a year of economy, seen by the GDP growth, employment, industry, construction, consumption and rise in FDIs, said Finance Minister Nina Angelovska on Tuesday.

“2019 was promoted as a year of economy, and numbers and results show this is a fact. Regarding GDP growth, it is projected at 3.5 percent, and already reached 3.6 percent in the first two quarters. We have a broad-based growth, employment is on the rise, as are the sectors of industry, construction, consumption,” Minister Angelovska told reporters.

Regarding foreign direct investments, the FinMin said they have been on the rise over the past couple of years.

Angelovska said it is important to see the ownership structure of the capital and consider transactions involving other countries, not simply seeing numbers at a certain point of time.

2019-12-03 14:09:19, from Ivan Kolekjevski