Photo by BTA on 3 July, 2024

Over 7 Million Passengers Travelled through Sofia Airport in 2023

World News Agencies By BTA - Bulgarian News Agency • 3 July, 2024

Jerusalem, 3 July, 2024 (TPS) -- SOFIA (BTA)
More than 7,000,000 passengers travelled through Sofia Airport in 2023, up from the pre-pandemic 2019, according to a report by SOF Connect published on Wednesday. Compared to 2022, the increase is 1.2 million people, the data shows.

Six new airlines have been attracted and 28 new destinations have been added. Around 60% of airlines operating at the airport are now low-cost carriers, reflecting a significant shift towards more affordable travel options globally, the airport operator added. The airport also welcomes new models of planes, such as the Boeing 737 MAX and Airbus 321 NEO, which emit fewer emissions and noise.

Following Bulgaria’s accession to Schengen by air and sea on March 31, 2024, a new X-ray equipment for baggage and liquid screening has been installed at the west gate of Terminal 1, SOF Connect reported.

Both terminals of Sofia Airport have separate arrival and departure areas. Special areas and corridors ensure that passengers departing from or arriving in the Schengen area are separated from those travelling to and from non-Schengen destinations.

Around 80 cameras have been renewed or installed in the last year and the airport’s CCTV system is constantly being updated.

In 2023, carbon emission levels dropped by 27% from 2019. Emissions per passenger also decreased by 15%, compared to 2022, the report shows.