Photo by TPS on 12 April, 2024

Palestinian Arsonists Set Fire to Farm Pasture, Stone Firefighters

Public By Pesach Benson • 19 May, 2024

Jerusalem, 19 May, 2024 (TPS) -- Arab arsonists set fire to pastures belonging to a farm in the Binyamin region, lit a second fire and threw stones at responding firefighters on Sunday afternoon.

Dozens of volunteers from nearby farms called to the scene managed to initially get the fire under control. But only half an hour after they left, Palestinians set a second fire a few hundred meters away from the first fire and stoned the responding fire crews. Most of the rioting Palestinians fled in the direction of Jericho, but Israeli soldiers arrested seven suspects.

At least one Israel volunteer trying to put out the fire was injured by the rioters. The windshields of several Israeli cars were also smashed.

“These arsonists have one goal just like the other attacks against The shepherds in the hills and farms, and it is the Jewish withdrawal from the territory in favor of the establishment of a Palestinian state,” a statement issued by the Pomegranate Farm said. “Almost every day, Arab arson takes place here, which consumes extensive pastures and sometimes even comes close to the residents’ houses.”

It was the third torching in the grazing area of the Rimonim Farm, located north of Jerusalem.

On April 12, a 14-year Israeli shepherd was abducted and killed by Palestinians from another farm in the Binyamin region. Benyamin Achimair was stabbed and beaten with rocks so many times that search teams couldn’t immediately identify the body.