Pendarovski-Zidan: Slovenia proven supporter of North Macedonia

World News Agencies By Yael • 12 February, 2020

By: MIA 

The Republic of Slovenia is a proven friend and supporter of North Macedonia in every aspect, especially in the process of European integration, which was confirmed by the rapid ratification of the NATO accession protocol in the parliament, President Stevo Pendarovski said at Tuesday’s meeting in Skopje with the Slovenian Parliament Speaker Dejan Zidan.

The interlocutors exchanged views on overall bilateral relations between the two countries, whereat Pendarovski noted that country’s membership in NATO will have positive impact on stability and prosperity of entire region, Pendarovski’s Office said.

In regard to the EU membership aspirations, while awaiting the adoption of a new EU enlargement methodology, Pendarovski voiced expectations of setting a date for opening accession talks during Croatia’s EU presidency.

They also discussed opportunities for enhancing parliamentary relations between the two countries.