People march to commemorate Laskarci bus crash victims

World News Agencies By Yael • 13 February, 2020


Hundreds of people are taking part Thursday in a march to commemorate the victims of last year’s bus crash accident at village of Laskarci which killed 16 people and injured 35.

Prior to the march, people released sky lanterns thus paying tribute to victims.

The 55 km long route of the march is initiated by a group of climbers and supported by Gostivar municipality.

“In addition to remembering the victims of the tragedy, march wants to send a message to the state institutions to take all the necessary measures for greater road safety and call on the competent authorities to fully clear up this case,” Gostivar mayor Arben Taravari said.

The march is expected to end at Gostivar’s main square in the afternoon.

On 13 February 2019, bus veered off a Skopje -Tetovo highway and crashed into a ravine, killing 16 people and injuring about 35. Government declared two-days of mourning for the victims in tragic traffic accident.

The trial on the bus crash accident near the village of Laskarci resumes at the Criminal Court in Skopje.