Photo by Screenshot from IDF on 13 November, 2023

21 Terrorists Killed Outside Gaza Hospital After Firing On Soldiers

Public By Pesach Benson • 13 November, 2023

Jerusalem, 13 November, 2023 (TPS) -- The Israel Defense Forces said soldiers killed 21 Palestinian terrorists at the entrance to Gaza City’s Al Quds Hospital who opened fire while “embedded within a group of civilians at the entrance of the hospital” on Monday.

The IDF said soldiers returned fire. During the exchange of fire, terrorists came out of adjacent buildings hidden among civilians in order to ambush the soldiers.

The terrorists fired rocket propelled grenades, then fled back inside Al Quds.

No Israeli personnel were injured, the IDF said.

The military also released footage of the attack.

“This incident is another example of Hamas’s continued abuse of civilian structures, including hospitals, to carry out attacks,” the IDF said in a statement.

Hamas’s main headquarters is located under the massive Shifa Hospital complex in the northern Gaza Strip.

As reported by the Tazpit Press Service, Hamas makes extensive use of the Shifa Hospital. Believing that Israel would not attack a hospital during a war, Hamas leaders hide there, launch rockets from its compound, hide hostages in the bowels of the building, torture collaborators, and dig tunnels connecting Shifa to nearby sites. Israel also released a recording of a phone call confirming that Hamas also stores at least a half-million liters of fuel underneath Shifa.

Hamas has refused to allow Palestinians to evacuate northern Gaza to the safer southern areas of the Strip.