Ukrainian Portal: Non-Aligned Movement Baku Summit is manifestation of eep respect for and high confidence in Azerbaijan

World News Agencies By Admin • 30 October, 2019


Ukraine`s “Versii” portal has published an article by professor of the country`s National Aviation University Arif Gliyev, highlighting  the 18th Summit of the Heads of State and Government of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) held in Baku.

Headlined “Non-Aligned Movement Baku Summit is a manifestation of deep respect for and high confidence in Azerbaijan”, the article stressed the importance of the Summit and Azerbaijan`s international influence.

“The NAM unanimously supports sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of internationally recognized borders of Azerbaijan. All documents adopted on Armenia–Azerbaijan Nagorno Karabakh conflict demand the settlement of the problem on the basis of these principles,” the article writes.

Guliyev underlined that Azerbaijan`s chairmanship of the NAM in 2019-2022 would strengthen the country`s role and influence in the global processes, contribute to the economic growth, open wide opportunities for developing the non-oil sector and boosting the export potential.

“Of course, all these achievements are based on the strategic decision to join the Non-Aligned Movement adopted by the President of Azerbaijan in 2011,” the article said.