Holocaust Remembrance Day

Candles shaped as the star of david at the ceremony marking the Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day (Yom Hashoa), at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. Jerusalem, May 2, 2019. Photo by Avigail Eyal/TPS

2020 – Holocaust Remembrance Day

A yellow patch of a Holocaust survivor next to the WWII helmet of a Nazi soldier whom he killed after the war. Photo by Ehud Amiton/TPS

Israeli Air Force aerial demonstration

Rehearsal of the Israeli Air Force aerial demonstration for Independence Day, over the Knesset in Jerusalem, in the day of swearing-in ceremony of the 21st Knesset. Jerusalem, Apr 30, 2019. Photo by Kobi Richter/TPS

Balconies prayer amid Coronavirus lockdown

Soldiers of the Home Front Command during the Balconies Prayer at Givat Shaul neighborhood in Jerusalem, ensuring that government regulations aiming to limit gatherings are applied in order to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Jerusalem, Apr 13, 2020. Photo by Yehonatan Valtser/TPS

The Old City of Jerusalem amid Coronavirus lockdown

The Western Wall Plaza in Jerusalem's Old City is empty due to the Israeli government order to tighter the lockdown in the country and limit gatherings to 10 people to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Jerusalem, Apr 7, 2020. Photo by Elron Zabatani/TPS

Volunteers helping amid Coronavirus lockdown

"Leket Israel" volunteer delivering boxes of fresh produce and prepared meals to needy family in Jerusalem, who cannot leave their home for shopping during the Coronavirus lockdown. Jerusalem, Apr 5, 2020. Photo by Yehonatan Valtser/TPS

The Knesset

The Knesset (Israeli parliament) in Givat Ram, Western Jerusalem, the unicameral national legislature of Israel. Jerusalem, Dec 1, 2019. Photo by Yehonatan Valtser/TPS

Special Press Conference on Coronavirus

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at a special press conference, held in Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem, about the new measures which will be taken immediately in fighting the coronavirus. Jerusalem, Mar 12, 2020. Photo by Yehonatan Valtser/TPS

Protest against the PA at Augusta Victoria Hospital

Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem, at the day of protesting against the Palestinian Authority, which boycotts the Israeli medical system, does not allow to transfer patients into Israel and does not pay the hospital's bills, bringing the hospital to overcrowding wards and to the brink of financial collapse. Jerusalem, Oct 28, 2019. Photo by ...

Memorial ceremony for President Shimon Peres

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L), President Reuven Rivlin (C) and Benny Gantz (R), leader of Blue and White party, at the memorial ceremony for Shimon Peres, Israel's 9th president, who passed away three years ago. The ceremony is held at the Great Leaders of the Nation section of Jerusalem's Mount Herzl cemetery. Jerusalem, Sep 19, 2019. ...