Photo by Eitan Elhadez/TPS on 7 July, 2019

Crusaders Ride Again in Northen Israel

Entertainment By TPS   •   7 July, 2019

​​The ​historical reenactment of one of the most significant battles of the Crusaders – the Battle of Hattin – took place in northern Israel over the weekend and included a two-day journey that culminated in the reenactment of the battle itself.

Every year the Regnum Hierosolymitanum group for historical reenactment along with other groups from Israel and other countries reconstruct the events surrounding the Battle of Hattin in the actual landscape and in conditions similar to those prevailing at the time.

This project is based on significant academic and archaeological research carried out on the battlefield.

All attendees actively participated in the reenactment and were assigned to one of the two armies, that of King of Jerusalem Guy de Lusignan or that of Salah ad-Din. Characters included knights, a professional mercenary, members of the military orders, Mamelukes, pilgrims, countrymen, city dwellers, Bedouin, musicians, and others.