Photo by Elad Zagman/TPS on 19 May, 2024

Funeral of Shani Louk

Terrorism By TPS   •   19 May, 2024

Jerusalem, 19 May, 2024 (TPS) -- The funeral of Shani Louk, 23, was held in Moshav Srigim on Sunday May 19, 2024. Israeli soldiers recovered her body along with the bodies of hostages Amit Buskila, Itzhak Gelerenter, and Ron Benjamin in northern Gaza.

The four were thought to have been held hostage for the past seven months; however, it is now known that they were killed during the October Hamas terrorist massacre.

In the days after October 7, 2023, the world was shocked by images of Shani Louk’s body being thrown around and onto the back of a truck in Gaza as if it were nothing more than a life-sized doll. It could not be determined from those images if she was dead or merely unconscious at that time.

Moshav Srigim, May 19, 2024
Photo Elad Zagman/TPS-IL