Photo by TPS on 11 July, 2019

Israelis Narrowly Escape Lynch in Binyamin Region

Security and Defense By TPS   •   11 July, 2019

Residents of Israel’s Binyamin region survived a lynch attempt near the village of Deir Nizam on Route 465. Heavy damage was caused to the vehicle they were driving.

The driver of the vehicle, 23, told TPS news agency that three terrorists were standing on the road at the junction near the exit from the village and stoned the vehicle at point-blank range with large rocks and paint bottles as it slowed down.

The driver also told the TPS that the rioters had directed most of the rocks they threw at the driver, in order to hit him and take him off the road.  He was treated for scratches from shards of broken windows.

The vehicle incurred heavy damage.