Photo by Noam Shaar/TPS-IL on 1 May, 2024

Never Forgotten: Memorializing the Victims of the Nova Massacre

Memorial Events By TPS   •   1 May, 2024

Jerusalem, 1 May, 2024 (TPS) -- Soldiers visit a memorial at the site of the Nova Music Festival massacre, on May 1, 2024. The site, on the grounds of Kibbutz Re’im, has emerged as a pilgrimage point for Israelis to process their grief and for visiting foreigners to show solidarity. The all-night rave, attended by 3,500 people became a killing field where 364 people were massacred and 40 others taken hostage on Oct. 7. Of all the locations attacked by Hamas that day, the highest death toll was at the music festival. Photo by Noam Shaar/TPS-IL