Photo by Hannah Zeidman on 15 December, 2020

The Women’s Hanukkiah

Chanukah By TPS   •   15 December, 2020

Jerusalem, 15 December, 2020 (TPS) -- By Hannah Zeidman/TPS

The Women of the Wall gathered together at the Kotel on Monday night to light a Hanukkiah.

At the centre of the event was a large Hanukkiah lit with electric candles. The Women of the Wall started this event to spread awareness of the unequal access to the National Menorah of Israel that is lit on the men’s side of the wall each Hanukkah and a chance for women to be part of a Hanukkiah lighting at the Kotel.

While the women’s Hanukkiah is not as grand as the National Menorah of Israel, it certainly has a unique and powerful story. It was designed and made by a woman in New York who wanted Jewish women to have a chance to celebrate with a Hanukkiah as well.

Entirely made of plastic, the Hanukkiah passes through the Kotel security. However, the Hanukkiah is made up of a total of thirty pieces that are carried by thirty women into the Kotel (each woman carries one piece). Later they come together and construct the Hanukkiah.

Below the communal Hanukkiah were various Hanukkiahs for individual women to light. The evening was filled with blessings, Hanukkah songs, and prayers. Executive Director of Women of the Wall, Anat Hoffman, expressed their communal desire to have the “National Menorah of Israel for all to share”. Last night makes 32 years of “The Women of the Wall” advocating for this change.