3 Armed Terrorists Killed on Gaza Border

22 January, 2020   |   1 month ago

IDF forces on Tuesday night identified and intercepted three armed terrorists who infiltrated Israel from the Gaza Strip.

After soldiers arrived at the scene of the infiltration the terrorists hurled an explosive charge or a grenade at them.

The troops responded by firing and killing the three terrorists.

No Israelis were harmed in the incident.

Infiltration attempts on the border with the Strip happen several times a week, usually by Gazan Arabs seeking work in Israel. However, the Israeli forces treat each such incident as a potential terrorist attack.

Last month, IDF soldiers spotted an armed terrorist from the Gaza Strip approaching the security fence with Israel. An IDF aircraft targeted and killed the terrorist. No Israelis were wounded in the incident.

Tensions along the border have been mounting in recent days following the renewal of the launching of arson and explosive balloons by Gazan terrorists toward Israel.

Several of the explosive charges landed in cities throughout the south, causing no injuries or damage.