After Shootout, IDF Forces Thwart Drug Smuggling from Egypt

1 November, 2021   |   2 years ago

Jerusalem, 1 November, 2021 (TPS) -- IDF forces operating on Israel’s southern border with Egypt on Sunday night were successful in apprehending drugs worth millions following a shootout with the smugglers.

The IDF stated that its forces identified a number of suspects who tried to smuggle drugs from Egypt into Israel, in the area of the “Paran” regional brigade.

IDF troops operating in the area thwarted the smuggling and seized about 300 kg of drugs worth about NIS six million.

During the clash, the smugglers and the IDF forces exchanged fire. There were no Israeli casualties.

The seized drugs will be handed over to the Israel Police.

Such incidents occur every several weeks.

Israel in recent years has built a fence along the Egyptian border to block the flow of work migrants coming to the country from Africa through Egypt. The tall fence has also been helpful in slowing down the prolific smuggling trade from Egypt into Israel, mostly the work of local Bedouin tribes.

Israel has deployed Special Forces to contend with the smugglers, who often become violent when encountering Israeli interceptors.