Attempted Stabbing Attack in Jerusalem Old City: No Injuries, Terrorist Killed

14 October, 2015   |   7 years ago

Jerusalem, 14 October, 2015 (TPS) -- There was another stabbing attack this afternoon at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.

An initial investigation revealed that border policemen in the area became suspicious when they noticed a young man sitting near the Damascus Gate wearing camouflage clothing. The border policemen approached the youth to investigate him, while intending to maintaining a secure distance. As the policemen got close, the terrorist took out a knife and lunged to stab the policemen. The police reacted immediately and fired in his direction.

With the knife still in his hand, the terrorist continued to run in the direction of policemen standing at the Damascus Gate. The policemen noticing the terrorist running in their direction, called out in the direction of the border policemen who then fired in his direction, effectively neutralizing the terrorist. The terrorist died of his wounds.