COVID-19 Infections in Israel Hit a New High

10 September, 2020   |   3 weeks ago

Israel registered another dubious record on Wednesday when the number of daily Coronavirus (COVID-19) new cases in 24 hours reached 3,904, three times the rate in May.

Since the beginning of the week, 13,428 new patients have been diagnosed in Israel. In comparison, in the entire month of April, 10,182 Israelis were diagnosed, and in May only 1,183.

The number of patients in serious condition climbed to 477, of whom 133 are on life support.

Results of about 43,500 tests were received on Wednesday, 9% of which returned positive, meaning that one in 11 tested subjects returned positive for the virus.

The number of COVID-19 death climbed to 1,054.

Israel has the highest morbidity rate per million citizens in the world.

The government on Tuesday night imposed a nighttime closure on some 40 “red” locations with a high infection rate.

Experts warn that the current restrictions are not sufficient and that a full closure will be required to stem the spread of the virus, especially ahead of the Jewish High Holidays that will commence in two weeks.

Ultimately, the government has yet to decide on how to address the pandemic in a comprehensive and successful manner, and the various ministries are offering and promoting different, and at times, contradicting moves.

The government is expected to discuss its moves on Thursday, with the prospects of a total closure throughout the country looming large.