First Native-American Congresswoman Visits the Benyamin Region

7 November, 2019   |   7 months ago

Congresswoman Deb Haalland (D., NM), one of the first two Native American representatives elected to Congress, together with another four Congressmen visited the town Ofra in the Benyamin region on Wednesday to meet with the local Israeli residents.

The delegation, led by JStreet head Jeremy Ben Ami, included 30 Jewish activists.

Aaron Lipkin, a resident of Ofra, described the meeting as “intense” due to the many disagreements regarding issues concerning Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria, but said the “atmosphere was good” and the participants displayed a “sincere will to understand the lives and perspectives” of the Israelis living in Benyamin.

“We really appreciated the hospitality and the conversation, being welcomed so warmly,” said Rep. Peter Welch of Vermont.