Gaza Terrorists Attack Israel, IAF Strikes Back

16 February, 2020   |   2 months ago

Terrorists in the Gaza Strip on Saturday night fired two rockets into Israel, setting off alarms at several communities. The rockets exploded in open spaces, causing no injuries or damage.

In response, Israeli Air Force (IAF) fighter jets and helicopters attacked several Hamas terrorist targets in the central Gaza Strip, including a military compound.

The IDF stated that it will “continue to act as necessary against attempts to harm Israeli civilians” and that Hamas “bears responsibility for what is happening in and out of the Gaza Strip, and it will bear the consequences for the terrorist actions against Israeli citizens.”

Similarly, the civilian measures Israel had planned to ease the situation in Gaza, including the expansion of the fishing zone off the coast, the addition of 500 trade permits and enabling the entry of cement, were canceled.

Over the weekend, terrorists continued to launch bombs tied to balloons from Gaza toward Israel. There were no casualties in the attacks, while some of the bombs exploded in the air inside the Gaza Strip.

The booby-trapped balloon attacks continued despite reports that Hamas had decided to halt them.

The exchange of fire has become routine in recent days, and Gaza based terrorists have fired some 15 rockets since the beginning of the month and some 30 in the past several weeks.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated last week in an interview with Channel 20 that Israel was “preparing for Hamas the surprise of its life,” and that the timing for the surprise depended on Hamas’ actions.