IAF Strikes Hamas Target in Response to Rocket Attack, Booby-Trapped Balloons

27 January, 2020   |   2 months ago

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) on Sunday night bombed a Hamas military post in response to a rocket attack and explosive balloons launched by terrorists from the Gaza Strip at Israel.

Gaza-based terrorists launched several balloons attached to explosives and, later on, a rocket towards Israeli territory. The rocket attack set off an alert on the IDF’s app but not wide-spread alarms.

The projectile and explosive charges caused no injuries or damage.

The IAF hit one Hamas military post in the southern Strip.

This is the second night in a row that the IAF conducted strikes against Hamas targets in Gaza.

On Sunday, balloons attached to explosive charges launched by terrorists from Gaza landed at several locations in Israel’s south and at other locations, the 10th consecutive day that Israel has been contending with this threat.

The explosive and flammable balloon attacks have returned to haunt Israel’s residents in the south in the past week after several months in which such attacks from Gaza ceased.

The explosive devices are upgraded and are equipped with elements to increase casualties among the civilian population.