IDF Captures 2 Sudanese Infiltrators on Lebanon Border

20 May, 2020   |   2 weeks ago

The IDF arrested two Sudanese citizens who attempted to cross into Israel from Lebanon on Tuesday night, the army stated.

“IDF soldiers arrested two suspects who crossed from Lebanon into Israeli territory. The suspects were immediately identified and located shortly after. These are probably job seekers,” an IDF spokesperson stated.

No one was injured in the incident.

Incidents of the IDF intercepting Sudanese work migrants crossing from Lebanon have become frequent in recent weeks.

Israel in recent years has become a sought-after destination by work migrants from Africa, coming primarily through Egypt. Israel has built a fence along the Egyptian border to block the flow of work migrants, bringing down the number of infiltrators annually from thousands to a mere few.

It appears that the African work migrants are seeking new ways to illegally enter the country.