IDF Demolishes Home of 4 Terrorists Who Murdered Yeshiva Student Dvir Sorek

28 November, 2019   |   6 months ago

IDF forces on Thursday morning demolished the homes of four terrorists who murdered Dvir Sorek in Gush Etzion in August.

Qassim Araf Khalil Asfara, Nazir Saleh Jaber Asfara, Ahmed Araf Khalil Asfra and Yosef Said Attia Zahor of the village of Beit Kahil near Hebron were members of a terror cell who stabbed and killed Sorek, 18, near his yeshiva in Migdal Oz.

He was on the way back to the yeshiva where he was studying, after buying books for his rabbis as a gift for the end of the year.

The cell was arrested within 48 hours.

The demolitions at Beit Kahil were carried out after the High Court of Justice rejected petitions filed by the terrorists’ families against the demolition order.

The demolitions of terrorists’ homes are meant to serve as deterrence for potential terrorists plotting future attacks.

During the operation, dozens of rioters attacked the forces with rocks and firebombs and rolled burning tires toward them. The forces responded with crowd control means.

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett stated after the demolitions that “unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that there will be no more terror, but we must exact a heavy price from anyone who raises his hand against an Israeli citizen.”

In related news, IDF forces carrying out counter-terrorism operations throughout Judea and Samaria arrested five Arabs suspected of involvement in terrorism.