Israeli Thwarts Terror Attack in Samaria

21 May, 2020   |   2 weeks ago

An Israeli citizen on Wednesday was successful in thwarting a shooting attack on his car in Samaria, an IDF inquiry into the incident shows.

The man was traveling through the Arab town of Hawara with two boys in the car when they were approached by an Arab who pointed a handgun at them and pulled the trigger several times. No fires were shot. The Israeli motorist got out of the car and fired two shots in the air from his personal weapon, sending the terrorist fleeing.

There were no casualties in the incident.

Several hours later, an IDF spokesman stated that the incident was being investigated as a terror attack.

Israeli security services have launched an investigation.

Hawara has been the site of multiple terror attacks.

Yossi Dagan, head of Samaria Regional Council, spoke to senior police officials after the incident, and lauded the man as “a hero who was resourceful and prevented a disaster.”

“The boys who were with him in the vehicle did not lose control and immediately reported the incident,” he added.

“Threats from the enemy do not scare us. We will continue to plant ourselves in the ground, build and grow. Everywhere,” he declared.