Jerusalem: Policeman Lightly Wounded in Shooting in Arab Neighborhood

31 March, 2020   |   10 months ago

An Israeli police officer was lightly wounded on Monday evening when an elite unit operating in the Arab neighborhood of Shua’afat was shot at.

The police stated that a Border Police undercover unit, which was engaged in an operation to arrest a suspect, came under fire. The policemen returned fire, hitting one of the shooters.

Immediately after the shooting, the forces entered the house from which the shooting occurred and found a gun that was used in the shooting, dozens of bullets and other combat equipment.

The police arrested five suspects, including the prime suspect wanted by police on suspicion of his involvement in shooting incidents in the area.

After exiting the scene, it became apparent that one of the bullets shot at the policemen tore the sleeve of one of the troops and scratched and wounded him very lightly.

In addition, Arab rioters threw Molotov cocktails and rocks at the forces, who responded with crowd dispersal means. One of the police dogs was hit in the head with a rock, was lightly injured and was transferred to veterinary care.

The Border Police stated that “the swift and determined response” of the undercover officers led to the arrest of the suspects in the shooting and the wanted person.

The police further state that its activities in Shu’afat will “continue and even intensify in the near future in view of the attempt to harm the security forces.”

The neighborhood of Shu’afat in eastern Jerusalem is often the sceneĀ  of violence and crime.