People in Israel Over Age 60 to Get Third Vaccination

29 July, 2021   |   2 months ago

Jerusalem, 29 July, 2021 (TPS) -- Israel’s Ministry of Health’s coronavirus vaccination committee has approved the administering of a third dose of the Pfizer vaccine to Israelis over the age of 60. The new vaccinations are expected to begin on Sunday and will be for people who received their last vaccination more than five months ago.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett just announced that on Friday morning Israel’s President Isaac Herzog will be the first person to receive the third vaccination.

At the same time, New Green Pass restrictions have now taken effect in Israel in response to the new outbreak of the Delta variant. The special coronavirus cabinet approved the regulations yesterday in a telephone conference call.

Elderly citizens who are unable to go out for their vaccinations will be able to receive them in their homes.

As for the new restrictions, for now, children under the age of 12 will be exempted from the obligation to present negative test results or a Green Pass certificate when entering the restricted areas. However, they will be required to do so in places such as wedding banquet halls where food is served that are in compliance with the “Happy Pass” requirements previously implemented for such venues.

The Ministry of Health also stated that home Covid tests administered privately will not be accepted as an official test. These tests are only intended for people to check themselves for their own reasons.

Only the following activities and locations require compliance with the new Green Pass regulations:

Venues that require anyone older than one year to present a Green Pass certificate or test results.

Venues found indoors (or events held partly indoors and partly outdoors in such venues) and held at an occupancy of over 100 people:
Event venues or any other public venues or business where feasts or celebrations are held, including weddings held in a restaurant/hotel etc.
Clubs — including those where performances are held before a standing audience and where food and drinks are served.
Indoor conference venues where food is served.
Venues that require adults and children older than 12.3 (12 years and 3 months) to present a Green Pass certificate or test results
Venues operating at an occupancy of over 100 people:

Restaurants, cafes, bars, and pubs – only with regard to indoor seating and excluding entry for takeaway purposes.
Cultural and sporting events, including the outdoors.
Gyms and studios

All venues that comply with the Green Pass requirements are required to appoint a “coronavirus supervisor” who will be responsible for implementing the orders, to place a sign at the entrance to the venue, informing patrons that this venue complies with the Green Pass requirements, and in venues where advanced booking is required – to inform patrons of their requirement to present a Green Pass or negative test results.

The fines that have been determined for the “Happy Pass” outline remain effective also in this amendment, and include up to 10,000 NIS fine for a venue that violates its duty to comply with the Green Pass requirements, and 1,000 NIS per person who is neither vaccinated, recovered or tested (or a child who is exempt from the testing requirement) who has been found in a venue that complies with the Green Pass requirements.