Police find Illegal Weapons, Palestinian Flag in Bedouin Home

15 October, 2019   |   1 year ago

Israeli police raided a home in Rahat, a Bedouin in town on southern Israel, and found illegal weapons as well as a Palestinian flag.

The forces exposed a Carlo submachine gun, ammunition clips, gun parts and ammunition.

The Carlo is usually produced in the Palestinian Authority (PA) in illegal manufacturing plants.

Israel is attempting to boost the police’s presence within Arab communities to combat the sky-rocketing crime rate.

The police have launched a special operation during which it seized some 4,000 weapons and other types of arms in multiple operations in the first half of 2019, 80% confiscated in the Arab society.

Police have also arrested some 2,800 suspects in shooting incidents, and hundreds of them have been indicted.

The Police have put an emphasis on the Arab community, where gun-related crimes are prevalent and the Arab sector in Israel suffers from a comparatively high crime rate.