Samaria: Terrorist Shot While Attacking IDF Soldiers

26 January, 2021   |   1 month ago

An Arab terrorist was shot dead on Tuesday while attempting to stab IDF soldiers securing a major intersection in Samaria.

An initial inquiry shows that the terrorist arrived at the Gitai Avisar Junction, near the city of Ariel, and attacked a female soldier with a knife. She fended off his attempts to stab her while one of her colleagues shot and killed the terrorist.

There were no Israeli casualties.

The soldier who was attacked is a lone soldier who came to Israel from England.

The Gitai Avisar Junction has been the scene of previous terror attacks, some of them lethal.

Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Council, arrived at the scene and told the soldiers that they “are heroes, thanks to you a much bigger attack was prevented.”

He noted that “a month ago Esther Horgan was murdered in the Reihan forest, yesterday an attempt was made to lynch a resident of Samaria who went out to run and today an attempted stabbing attack at a central and bustling intersection. The response of the government and the guidance of the political echelon to the army should be a determined action within the villages from which the perpetrators emerge in order to make it clear that we will not harm the routine of life of the residents here and certainly not harm human life. The trend needs to be reversed with the Palestinian Authority,” he demanded.