Tense Quiet Descends on South After 24 Hours of Rocket Fire

25 February, 2020   |   1 month ago

The residents of southern Israel woke up to a quiet morning on Tuesday after experiencing 24 hours of rocket fire launched by Islamic Jihad terrorists from the Gaza Strip.

The terrorists launched some 100 rockets at Israeli cities and towns throughout Sunday and Monday. Many of the rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system, and others exploded in open spaces.

The last rockets were fired at 11:00 PM, as the Islamic Jihad announced it “had completed its retaliation” for the IDF’s killing of two terrorists on the border fence on Sunday morning as they were planting an explosive device and the subsequent exchange of fire that ensued after this initial incident.

The rockets caused some damage to property but did not directly cause physical injuries.

However, over 20 Israelis were evacuated to hospitals and treated for shock or injuries incurred while running for shelter during the sirens.

Schools remained closed throughout the south on Tuesday, keeping home 65,000 students, but the IDF lifted several of the restrictions and opened the roads it shut down due to threats emanating from the Strip.

The crossings from Israel into Gaza remained closed on Tuesday and the Israeli navy completely banned fishing off Gaza’s coast.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday evening that he “has a message for the heads of the terrorist organizations: If quiet is not restored – you are next in line.”