TPS Exclusive: Reason for Ron Lauder’s Visit to Palestinian Authority Revealed

12 October, 2020   |   2 weeks ago

A senior source in the Palestinian Authority (PA) informed TPS that Ron Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, visited Ramallah on behalf of US President Donald Trump, after it became clear to the Trump Administration that there are initial contacts between Abu Mazen and Joe Biden’s staff.

Furthermore, there preparations ongoing for the establishment of direct channels of communications with Biden’s team, through businessmen.

The PA has contacts with Evangelical Christians and with representatives of the Republican Party, but they have been ineffective at making any impact within the PA.

The source also told TPS that the meeting between Lauder and Abu Mazen dealt with the need to resolve the tax crisis in light of the poor situation in the PA and implied the US administration’s intent to help resolve the serious crisis in the PA and renewing coordination channels between Israel and the US.

The PA is still waiting for the election results and at the moment there is no shift in the direction, said the source.