Was Netanyahu Exposed to Corona Again?

2 June, 2020   |   1 month ago

An employee of the Prime Minister’s Office was found positive to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Monday, raising the possibility that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will have to enter quarantine again.

The PMO said it was investigating when he came into contact with Netanyahu and his immediate surroundings, and whether they would be required to enter isolation.

The employee handled the preparations for the Netanyahu’s Saturday night declaration regarding the Coronavirus.

“An epidemiological inquiry is being conducted, at the end of which appropriate guidelines will be given to those who came in contact with him,” the PMO stated.

This is the second time Netanyahu is facing such a situation.

At the end of March, Rivkah Paloch, Netanyahu’s aid on Ultra-Orthodox issues, was diagnosed with the novel Coronavirus and Netanyahu entered a quarantine.

He left isolation after two days, but then it was revealed that then-Minister of Health Jacob Litzman also carried the virus. Netanyahu again went into isolation for about a week.