Photo by Eytan Schweber/TPS on 6 December, 2023

Hamas Fired Rockets From Gaza Humanitarian Zone

Public By TPS • 7 December, 2023

Jerusalem, 7 December, 2023 (TPS) -- Hamas fired rockets at Israel from the humanitarian zone in southern Gaza near displaced civilians and a United Nations facility, the Israel Defense Forces said on Thursday.

The military also released visual evidence of the launch site where, on Wednesday at around 3:59 p.m., a barrage of 12 rockets was fired at the city of Beersheva.

“The rockets were launched near the tents of Gazan citizens who were evacuated to the south of the Gaza Strip for their protection and near the U.N. facilities,” the IDF said.

Earlier on Wednesday, Hamas fired rockets from the humanitarian zone at 12:52 p.m. and 2:12 p.m. further endangering Palestinian civilians, the IDF added.

Palestinian terrorists have fired more than 11,500 rockets towards Israeli territory since Oct. 7.

Three people were lightly wounded in Israel on Tuesday by rockets fired from the Gaza Strip.

Israel has long noted that Hamas fires rockets from civilian areas, including next to schools, hospitals, mosques and U.N. buildings, and has found evidence of this during its ground operation that began on Oct. 27.

Israeli soldiers found missiles and military gear hidden among U.N. relief supplies in the northern Gaza Strip.

One hundred ten rockets, including 30 Grad projectiles, were found hidden among boxes belonging to the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which supports Palestinian refugees and their descendants, the IDF said.

The rockets were found inside a home in a densely populated area.

At least 1,200 people were killed in Hamas’s attacks on Israeli communities near the Gaza border on Oct. 7. Hamas currently holds 137 men, women, children, soldiers and foreigners captive in Gaza. Some people remain unaccounted for as Israeli authorities continue to identify bodies and search for human remains.