Photo by Screenshot via IDF on 25 October, 2023

Israel Exposes Identity of Hamas Propaganda Chief

Public By TPS • 25 October, 2023

Jerusalem, 25 October, 2023 (TPS) -- The Israel Defense Forces said Wednesday it has uncovered the true identity of Abu Obeida, the Hamas propaganda chief who has never shown his face to the public.

“Hudhayfah Kahlot, you have been exposed,” Col. Avichay Adraee, head of the Arab media division in the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, wrote on X (formerly Twitter), sharing a video revealing Abu Obeida’s face.

“He and other Hamas-ISIS leaders like to hide inside tunnels and behind women and children, as well as behind masks and shadows. … It is time to stop covering up. The mask and keffiyeh will not help you,” added Adraee.

Hamas terrorists killed at least 1,400 Israelis and wounded more than 5,000 in a massive offensive launched from the Gaza Strip on Oct. 7, which included the firing of thousands of rockets at Israel and the infiltration of the Jewish state by terrorist forces.

At least 222 people were taken to Gaza as hostages, according to the IDF.

Late last week, Abu Obeida released a statement calling on Muslims worldwide to “mobilize and march to the borders of Palestine, unite and [do] everything in their power to overthrow the Zionist project [Israel].

“We are ready for a long battle with this occupier, as our goal in this battle is sacred and great,” the terror spokesman stated, claiming that “the enemy [Israel] today is at its worst [condition] in 75 years.”

IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari previously said that the military has defined killing senior Hamas terrorists as its “top priority.”

Amjad Majed Muhammad Abu Odeh, a Hamas naval operative who took part in the massacre of civilians in southern Israel, was killed by an IDF strike on Oct. 19, the army said.

Mahmud Sabih, a senior Hamas terrorist operative who served as a top engineer and unit head in Hamas’s weapons development department, was also killed, the military said.

Last week, Palestinian sources reported that Abdel-Fattah Diab Deif, the brother of Hamas military commander Muhammad Deif, was killed in an Israeli strike in the southern Gaza Strip.

Days earlier, an Israel Air Force strike killed Hamas “Economy Minister” Jawad Abu Shamala. Abu Shamala managed the finances of the organization and earmarked the funds for financing and directing terrorism both inside and outside the Gaza Strip, the IDF said.

Zakaria Abu Muammar, a senior member of the Hamas political bureau who headed the terrorist group’s National Relations Office, was killed in a separate attack.