Photo by Hillel Maeir/TPS on 13 June, 2017

Israeli Cabinet Approves Measures to Close Al Jazeera

Public By Pesach Benson • 20 October, 2023

Jerusalem, 20 October, 2023 (TPS) -- The Israeli cabinet approved emergency regulations on Friday to temporarily shut down the Al Jazeera news network’s operations in the country.

The measures will enable press credentials for staff of the Qatari-based network to be revoked and its transmitters confiscated.

No move to close down the Al Jazeera’s operations will be made until Karhi reviews its coverage of the war. A final decision will be made by Karhi and will require the Defense Minister’s agreement.

“Israel is at war. On land, in the air, at sea and in the mind. We will in no way allow broadcasts that harm the security of the state,” said Minister of Communications, Shlomo Karhi, who initiated the move.

“Al Jazeera’s broadcasts and reports constitute incitement against Israel, serving Hamas-Daesh [ISIS] and the terrorist organizations in propaganda and encouraging violence against Israel, thereby actually harming the security of the state,” Karhi added.

Al Jazeera is accused of endangering Israeli soldiers by exposing details of where forces are assembling.

The move received across the board support from the security and diplomatic establishment, including Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Security Council, the Mossad and Lt.-Gen. Herzi Halevi, Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Three years ago, the U.S. Department of Justice determined that Al Jazeera Plus (AJ+), a subsidiary of the Al Jazeera Media Network, is engaged in “political activities” related to the government of Qatar and directed the outlet to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Israel has been striking Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip since an October 7 assault by Hamas on Israeli communities near the Gaza border that caught Israelis off-guard. Fighting raged for days as the IDF initially struggled to clear out the terrorists. More than 1,400 Israelis were killed and over 4,800 more injured. Over 200 hostages were taken to Gaza, and the numbers are expected to continue rising.