Israeli Envoy: ‘If We Don’t Defeat Hamas, Extremists Will Raise Their Heads’

World News Agencies By ANI Wire Service • 23 October, 2023

Jerusalem, 23 October, 2023 (TPS) -- New Delhi, October 23 (ANI): Ambassador of Israel to India, Naor Gilon, emphasized the global importance of defeating Hamas to prevent the resurgence of extremism, echoing the sentiment that the fight against terrorism, especially terror groups like Hamas, remains a paramount concern for international security.

Addressing a symposium titled ‘Terror Strikes Israel: Implications for National & International Security,’ Ambassador Gilon said, “The bigger picture here is that if we don’t defeat Hamas, extremists in the world are going to raise their head, and it’s going to be unbearable for all of us.”

This symposium, organized by The Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security (JISS), brought together experts to discuss the multifaceted challenges posed by terrorist organizations.

At the symposium, the key voices in the realms of international security and diplomacy highlighted the urgency of combating terrorist organizations, with a particular focus on Hamas. The event provided a platform for experts to share their insights on the pressing issue of global terrorism.

Lt.-Gen. Vinod Khandare, Principal Advisor at the Ministry of Defense, further elucidated the complex nature of contemporary security challenges.

He stressed the interplay between diplomacy and military strength, emphasizing that military readiness is integral to effective diplomacy. “The countries have to understand that diplomacy goes as long as the military is strong,” he noted.

Lt.-Gen. Khandare pointed out that the era of wars is not over, saying, “So, one cannot start neglecting various fraudulent assessments and fraudulent opinions to say that the era of wars is over, nothing is over.”

“Proxy and conventional both can go hand in hand. Maybe proxy can initiate a conflict, conventional can follow or it can be both together or it can be conventional starts and proxies are inserted into the hinterland,” he added.

The Principal Advisor at the Ministry of Defense, in a veiled manner, also compared Israel’s condition to that of India, which he says is also troubled by neighbors.

“So, all that is going to definitely pose a challenge to many countries who are living in troubled neighborhoods and Israel and India both are in troubled neighborhoods, which is not a choice. We have inherited based on what the world or the global bodies gave to us,” he said.

The symposium’s discussions shed light on the enduring threat posed by terrorist organizations and the necessity of international collaboration to address these security challenges.

The symposium served as a platform for experts to exchange ideas and insights regarding the multifaceted challenges posed by terrorist organizations. It underscored the importance of vigilance and proactive measures in safeguarding national and international security interests.