Jews ascending to the Temple Mount

The police force stands guard as Jews ascending to the Temple Mount. Jerusalem, Jun 15, 2021. Photo by Maayan Berrebi/TPS

Jews ascend the Temple Mount

Jews ascend the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem during the days of Passover's Chol HaMoed. Jerusalem, Apr 23, 2019. Photo by Netanel Krakover/TPS *** Local Caption *** ????? ?????? ????? ? ?? ???? ? ?? ? ???? ? ??? ????? ??? ???? ???? ????? ?? ???? ??????? ???? ?? ???? ???? ?? ???? ????

The 2020 Shabbat Project

Wine, candlesticks, challah bread, Shabbat tableware and flowers on a Shabbat Table at the pre-Shabbat event of The 2020 Shabbat Project in Zoom due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Kiryat Ono, Nov 6, 2020. Photo by Eitan Elhadez-Barak/TPS

The 18th annual conference of “Taglit”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at the annual conference at Binyenei HaUma in Jerusalem, celebrating 18 years to "Taglit"(discovery), the not for profit educational organization, which encourage young Jewish adults to discover new meaning in their personal Jewish identity and connection to Jewish history and culture, by bringing them for ...

Women Of The Wall offer women to wear Tefillin and Talit

"Women of the Wall" organization placed a counter in Jaffa street in the center of Jerusalem, offering passers-by women to wear Tefillin and Talit (prayer shawl) and pray. Jerusalem, Feb 2, 2020. Photo by Yehonatan Valtser/TPS *** Local Caption *** ???? ????? ????? ? ???? ??? ? ???? ??????? ???? ??? ???? ?????? ???????? ?????, ???? ???? ?????? ...

Rachel’s Tomb (Kever Rachel)

Thousands of women visited Rachel's Tomb (Kever Rachel) to mark the day of her passing and to pray. Oct 31, 2017. Photo by Miri Tsachi/TPS. *** Local Caption *** ????? ? ??? ??? ? ??? ???? ??????? ?? ??? ???? ???? ???? ????? ?????? ??? ???? ????? ????? ?????? ??????? ??????? ???? ?????

Public Prayer for Rain

Chief Rabbis for Israel: Rabbi David Lau and Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef during the public prayer for rain at the Western Wall, due to drought in Israel, during the fast of the 10th of Tevet which commemorates the siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylonia that culminated in the destruction of the First Temple (Solomon's Temple). Dec 28, 2017. ...

Temple Mount on Tish’a Be’av

Policemen maintaining the order at the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem, preventing clashes between Muslims and Jews on Tish'a Be'av, the holy day of mourning and fast in Judaism over the destruction of the First and second Temples. Jerusalem, Aug 11, 2019. Photo by TPS

First candle lighting event with PM Benjamin Netanyahu

The Likud Activists' Conference at Pavilion Hall in Jerusalem, with the participation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Likud Ministers and MKs, in which the first candle of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah was lighted. Jerusalem, Dec 22, 2019. Photo by Yehonatan Valtser/TPS

Notes for God at the Western Wall

Notes people left for God between the stones of the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem. Jerusalem, Feb 17, 2020. Photo by Kobi Richter/TPS