Teenager Performance to Protest against Torture Allegations

A torture art performance by teenagers from Judea and Samaria as a protest against the allegation of the of Jewish participation in Duma village arson and murder. Jerusalem, Dec 27, 2015. Photo by Hillel Maeir/TPS

2019 Festival of Light in Jerusalem

Festival of Light in the Old City of Jerusalem 2019. Jerusalem, Jun 27, 2019. Photo by Eitan Elhadez/TPS

2019 Independence Day

Celebrating Independence Day in Samaria - Happening for families at the IDF parking lot at Samaria Territorial Brigade. Bet El, May 9, 2019. Photo by Nadav Goldstein/TPS

Diaspora March in Jerusalem

Diaspora March in Jerusalem, to show the unity between Israeli Jews and the Diaspora. Jerusalem, Dec 3, 2018. Photo by Esty Dziubov/TPS

Adloyada in Giv’atayim

Fruit disguised family at the Adloyada - the humorous procession on the Jewish holiday of Purim, in the city of Giv'atayim. Giv'atayim, Mar 1, 2018. Photo by Eitan Elhadez/TPS