Palestinian youth attacking IDF soldiers

Palestinians youth attacking and throwing stones at IDF soldiers at the old entrance of the Israeli settlement Pesagot near Jerusalem. Dec 13, 2017. Photo by Aviad Shmuel/TPS *** Local Caption *** ???????? ???? ??????? ????? ???? ?????? ??? ??"? ??? ???? ????? ?????? ??????? ???? ????????? ??????? ???? ????? ??? ????? ??? ?????? ????

Arabs Rally outside Temple Mount

Israeli police guards at the Arab rally near the Lions Gate outside Temple Mount. Jerusalem, Jul 25, 2017. Photo by Kobi Richter/TPS *** Local Caption *** הפגנה מחוץ ל שער האריות הפגנות הפרות סדר הר הבית כוחות הבטחון משטרה שוטרים שוטר ערבים

Israeli navy patrol boats in a drill

Israeli Navy's fast patrol boats conduct a military drill in the water of the Mediterranean sea in northern Israel. Rosh HaNikra, Jun 9, 2019. Photo by Kobi Richter/TPS *** Local Caption *** תרגיל של חיל הים סמוך ל גבול ישראל לבנון ליד ראש הנקרה הצלה לוחמים יחידה עילית ...

Demonstration on Israel – Gaza border

Palestinians inside Gaza, at north eastern end of the Gaza Strip, getting ready for their weekly demonstration, on the fence border between Israel and Gaza, opposite to Karni Crossing, the cargo terminal on the Israeli side. Gaza, Apr 12, 2019. Photo by TPS *** Local Caption *** ????? ???? ????? ??? - ???????? ????? ? ????? ???????, ????? ? ???? ...

Demonstration on Israel – Gaza border

Palestinians inside Gaza Strip, most of them children and teenagers, rioting at the weekly demonstration on the fence border between Israel and Gaza, close to Karni Crossing and clashing with IDF forces. Gaza, Sep 27, 2019. Photo by Majdi Fathi/TPS *** Local Caption *** ????? ???? ????? ??? - ? ????? ??????? ?? ????? ???, ???? ???? ??????, ? ???? ...

Stabbing and shooting attack in Ariel

Police force and IDF soldiers at Ariel Junction, one of the scenes of the double terror attack, in which two Israelis were murdered, Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger and IDF soldier Gal Keidan and one soldier was seriously injured. The stabbing and shooting attack took place in Gitai Avisar Junction and in Ariel Junction. Ariel, Mar 17, 2019. Photo by Eytan ...

Danny Spring (Ein Bubin) near Dolev

IDF soldiers at Danny Spring (Ein Bubin) near the settlement of Dolev in Mateh Binyamin Regional Council, in which a teenage girl, Rina Shnerb, was killed and her father and brother were seriously injured in a terror attack. Dolev, Aug 26, 2019. Photo by TPS *** Local Caption *** ?????? ????? ??"? ? ????? ??? ( ??? ????? ), ?????? ??????? ? ????? ...

Israel – Gaza border

Israeli Merkava tank by the Israel - Gaza border. May 14, 2018. Photo by Elior Cohen/TPS *** Local Caption *** נחל עז עוז מרכבה טנק גבול רצועת עזה ביטחון צהל צה"ל צבא

Quneitra, the north Israeli border with Syria

A view to Quneitra, on the north Israeli border with Syria. Quneitra, Aug 9, 2018. Photo by Gili Eliyahu Adler/TPS *** Local Caption *** ה גבול הצפוני של ישראל עם סוריה צפון קוניטרה שטח מפורז תיל גדר בטחון קונטרה קוניטרה קונייטרה

Terror attack near Jerusalem

IDF soldiers at IDF Kiosk checkpoint near the entry way to Maale Adumim in Jerusalem area, where a Border Police soldier was moderately injured in a car ramming and stabbing terror attack. Jerusalem, Apr 22, 2020. Photo by TPS