Daily life in Gaza Strip

Children walking to school in the northern Gaza Strip as the sun rises. Gaza, Sep 19, 2021. Photo by Majdi Fathi/TPS

Visitors in Israel for Holocaust Remembrance Day

Plane which brought delegations to the 2020 Holocaust Remembrance Day Forum in Israel, parking at Ben Gurion Airport. Lod, Jan 23, 2020. Photo by Kobi Richter/TPS *** Local Caption *** מטוס של משלחות חונה בנמל התעופה בן גוריון. יום הזיכרון הבינלאומי לשואה 2020, בסימן 75 שנה ל ...

Migdal Afek – Migdal Tsedek

Sunset on Migdal Afek ( Migdal Tsedek ) national park, a Crusader castle near Rosh HaAyin. Rosh Haayin, Nov 7, 2019. Photo by Aviv Hertz/TPS *** Local Caption *** מגדל צדק ( מגדל אפק ) בפאתי ה עיר ראש העין במרכז ישראל מצודה תל אפק שריד שרידים שקיעה שמש

Masada – Snake Path

The Snake Path is an ancient route to the summit, offering hikers a challenging climb to the top of Masada.

Masada – View of the Roman Ramp

A view of the Roman ramp built to breach the Sicarii defenses of Masada in the first Jewish-Roman war.


A ballista stone lies intact at the top of Masada

Masada – Mosiacs

Some of Masada's mosiacs have remained in good condition.


A view of the Dead Sea, museum, and one of the Tenth Legion's base camps from the summit of Masada.