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IDF Troops Arrest 2 Armed Terrorists on Gaza Border

3 October, 2021   |   2 weeks ago

Jerusalem, 3 October, 2021 (TPS) -- IDF troops arrested on Saturday morning two suspects who tried to cross the border from the Gaza Strip into Israel.

The two would-be terrorists were caught with a bag containing grenades, apparently on their way to carry out an attack.

The suspects were taken for questioning by the security forces.

The IDF contends with several infiltration attempts on the border with Gaza on a weekly basis. Most incidents involve Gazans illegally seeking work in Israel. However, the IDF treats every incident as a potential terrorist attack.

Jerusalem: Terrorist Shot During Stabbing Attack

30 September, 2021   |   3 weeks ago

Jerusalem, 30 September, 2021 (TPS) -- A female terrorist attempted to stab Israeli policemen in Jerusalem’s Old City on Thursday morning. The policemen shot and killed the terrorist.

There were no Israeli casualties.

The terrorist was identified as a woman, 30, from the Hebron area.

The police stated she committed her attack while armed with a knife after attending prayers at the Temple Mount.

“The vigilance and quick response of the police to the incident led to the neutralization of the terrorist without casualties to our forces,” the police stated.

Bus Crash Update: Bus Driver Identified

29 September, 2021   |   3 weeks ago

Jerusalem, 29 September, 2021 (TPS) -- Asher Besson, 76, from Kiryat Yam, has been identified as the driver of the bus who was killed in a terrible accident that took place this evening in northern Israel. His bus crashed into a private car.

It can also now be confirmed that the woman and three children who were riding in the car at the time and who were also killed were, in fact, a mother and her three children.

Dvir Neria, a guide who was on the bus when it crashed, told Israel’s Kann 11 News that the accident happened after the bus went down winding roads. “I felt the bus suddenly gaining momentum, losing control and then we collided with something,” he said.

You can see our full coverage of the crash here.

Five Dead and 38 Wounded in Bus Crash In Northern Israel

29 September, 2021   |   3 weeks ago

Jerusalem, 29 September, 2021 (TPS) -- United Hatzalah volunteers are currently treating a large number of injured on Highway 89 near Hurfeish due to a bus accident. A private car and bus crashed into one another.

As of now, it has been confirmed that five people were killed in the accident. Four of the victims were riding in a private car. One was a five year old girl. The other three included a 12 year old child, a fifteen year old and a thirty five year old woman. The fifth victim was the bus driver.

Thirty five people have been taken to the hospital, three of whom are reportedly in critical condition.

Due to the nature of the incident, United Hatzalah’s Psychotrauma and Crisis Response Unit has been dispatched to respond to the incident and provide emotional and psychological support in addition to emergency medical services (EMS) that are active at the scene.

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT and chapter Head of the Ma’alot region reported from the scene: “The incident involves a bus that is flipped over on its side as well as a large van and a private car. Thus far our volunteers have treated upwards of 20 people injured who are conscious. There are other injured who are unconscious as well as those who are still trapped that we haven’t been able to reach yet. Firefighters are currently working to extricate them from the wreckage.”

PM Bennett Asks US to Act on Behalf of Israel at International Forums

29 September, 2021   |   3 weeks ago

Jerusalem, 29 September, 2021 (TPS) -- Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met on Monday on the sidelines UN General Assembly in New York with US Ambassador to the UN Linda Greenfield-Thomas.

Bennett asked Greenfield-Thomas to act on behalf of Israel at international forums

“I think that the reengagement of the United States with international institutions is a good opportunity to bring balance to these institutions vis-a-vis Israel. Many times we feel these institutions are slanted and sometimes unfair and I think the new spirit between America and Israel can be brought to bear and we can do great things together,” has said.

The Biden administration has rejoined several UN and other bodies that the Trump administration had left due to their anti-US and anti-Israel bias.

Bennett also referred to IDF soldiers Oron Shaul and Hadar Goldin, whose bodies are believed to be held by the Hamas terror organization in the Gaza Strip, and civilians Avra Mengistu and Hisham A-Said who are in Hamas captivity, and asked Greenfield-Thomas to “continue raising the issue in various forums,” as she has done since meeting Leah Goldin, Hadar’s mother.

Bennett also met with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday.

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