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Stabbing Attempt in Hebron

3 February, 2019   |   2 weeks ago

Israeli troops securing the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron on Sunday stopped an Arab suspect for questioning.

At some point, he drew a large kitchen knife and attempted to stab them.

He was overpowered and arrested.

No injuries were reported in the incident.

IDF Reserve Soldier Dies of Wounds after Traffic Accident

30 January, 2019   |   3 weeks ago

IDF Reserve Soldier Yishai Rivlin has died after a severe traffic accident this morning on Route 60. He leaves behind a wife and three children.

Terrorist Shot During stabbing Attack in Jerusalem

30 January, 2019   |   3 weeks ago

A female Arab terrorist on Wednesday attempted to stab Israeli security personnel at the A-Zaim checkpoint at the southern entrance to Jerusalem.

The security forces responded quickly to the attack and shot and killed the terrorist.

No Israelis were wounded in the attack.

Jerusalem’s District Police Commander Yoram Halevi arrived at the scene of the attack and was briefed on the details.

A police spokesman stated that the police are investigating where the female suspect came from and heightened security is continuing in the area.

Israeli Forces Thwart Attempt to Smuggle Bomb into Israel

29 January, 2019   |   3 weeks ago

Israeli forces on Tuesday were successful in thwarting an attempt by an Arab terrorist to smuggle a bomb into Israel.

Guards at the Gilboa crossing from Samaria stopped a 17-year-old Arab who was trying to smuggle a suspicious object in his bag.

When he was asked to transfer his bag for a security check, the security examiner identified an object suspected of being an explosive charge.

The security guards at the crossing overpowered the suspect and arrested him.

The crossing was evacuated and a police sapper was alerted to the scene.

More details to follow.

Synagogue Desecrated in center of Jerusalem

29 January, 2019   |   3 weeks ago

Jerusalem’s police are investigating that severe vandalism and desecration of a synagogue in the heart of the city.

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