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Terrorist Who Murdered Malachi Rosenfeld Sent to Prison for Life

24 September, 2019   |   3 weeks ago

The military court in Judea on Monday sentenced the terrorist Faiz Hamed to life in prison for the murder of Malachi Rosenfeld in June 2015.

Hamed was convicted of several offenses, including intentionally causing death, the equivalent to the murder in Israeli law, and attempts to commit this offense on other occasions.

He was also ordered to compensate Rosenfeld’s family.

The verdict states that the terrorist was an active member in a terror cell that planned to carry out attacks against Israelis. As part of the squad’s operations, its members carried out a number of shooting attacks.

On June 29, 2015, two of the squad members traveled in a vehicle purchased in advance for the attack and fired at a vehicle in which Malachi Rosenfeld, a 25-year-old resident of Kochav Hashahar in the Jerusalem area, was traveling in. He was fatally wounded and died from his wounds in the hospital. Three others were also injured in the attack .the four had been returning from a basketball game.

On another occasion, the cell fired at an Israeli vehicle and ambulance.

The Shin Bet named a total of seven members of the Hamas terror cell who were involved in the various phases of the planning, execution and concealing of the terror attacks.

An investigation into the attack revealed that the weapon used to murder Rosenfeld was paid for by a terrorist released from prison who used the monthly stipend he received from the Palestinian Authority (PA) to purchase it.

IDF Soldier Seriously Injured in Work Accident

23 September, 2019   |   3 weeks ago

An IDF soldier was seriously injured on Sunday as a result of a work accident

An IDF spokesman stated Sunday night that an IDF soldier was severely injured as a result of an accident involving work tools in a food warehouse in the north of the country.

The military police launched an investigation into the incident.

The findings will be passed to the military prosecutor’s office for an examination.

His family was notified.

Drone from Gaza Approaches Israel, Retreats

22 September, 2019   |   3 weeks ago

A drone flying from the Gaza Strip approached Israeli airspace on Sunday, causing a scare among the nearby Israeli residents.

The IDF stated that the drone flew towards Israel but did not breach Israeli airspace and subsequently retreated.

Israelis living nearby were updated on the incident.

Earlier this month, an armed drone launched from Gaza dropped an explosive device on an IDF vehicle. No one was injured in the attack and an IDF vehicle was lightly damaged, but it is considered a significant escalation.

Failed Rocket Launch Wounds 7 in Gaza

19 September, 2019   |   4 weeks ago

A rocket launched by terrorists in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday evening fell short inside the Strip and exploded on a house in the city of Rafiah, wounding seven people.

The IDF stated that a failed launch was identified from the Gaza Strip, but did not cross into Israeli territory. No sirens went off.

Gazan terrorists have misfired rockets and hit targets inside the strip on several occasions.

The Islamic Jihad terror group in May 2019 admitted that a rocket it fired killed a baby and a woman in the Gaza Strip, despite initial claims she was killed in an Israeli strike.

During Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014, Hamas rockets landed on a Gazan power plant and knocked out the power supply to thousands of homes.

Hamas Test-Fires Rocket

18 September, 2019   |   4 weeks ago

The Hamas terror organization on Wednesday morning launched a rocket from the Gaza Strip into the sea.

The rocket launch was part of Hamas’ ongoing tests of its weapons systems. Hamas has been working to accelerate the rockets’ flight speed, the fire rate and extend their range with the intent of overcoming Israel’s Iron Dome Defense system.

The Gaza-based terror groups have been successful in replenishing their rocket stockpiles, which were depleted after Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014, and are estimated to have some 10,000 rockets in their possession.

The terror organization launched 3,852 rockets during Operation Protective Edge. Since Hamas launched its saturated fire strategy in March 2018 it has fired some 2,000 rockets at Israel.

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